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It only takes a minute to ask what's wrong with your site. Many people don't consult anyone before they build their site.
Don't be one of those people!
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Need a new look or freshen up your existing web site? nDo you have a new look in mind or do you need some help picking out that design that sets you apart from the rest?
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Responsive Web Design

RWD is crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing and scrolling across mobile phones to desktop computer monitors.


Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the best way to assure your site stays in the top on the search results. Monthly SEO/Social Marketing packages available. Contact me for evaluation of your SEO.


Do I need a shopping cart?

If you currently have a business that sells products or services to the public via a Brick and Mortar store front and you are NOT selling online, but you have a web site, then YES, you should have or consider a shopping cart for your site. The TOP OpenSource shopping cart programs are free, but the Extensions, Modules and Themes to further enhance a basic, out-of-the-box install, costs vary. The TOP OpenSource ones are, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce(for WordPress sites). Contact me for your cart installtion

If you do NOT have a current business, but you want to startup an online business, build a web site, add a shopping cart solution and find products to sell, then it might be a bit tougher unless you have a niche product. More of these type startups will fail because no one researches their product lines properly. Who is your competition? That is the question to ask yourself first! When you have that answer, contact me and I'll help you decide what is your best route to take.

If you have a niche or custom product or service that only offers a few items, a full install of a shopping cart is still your best bet! You get all the features of a basic shopping cart. Administration Dashboard, payments, shipping, recurring charges, discounts, specials, product options, just to name a few.
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